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AgencyCentral SP Pricing

AgencyCentral SP is currently available for a flat, one-time price of $3,000.

You have the option of setting up your own SharePoint site internally or on the Internet.

Hosted on Your Internal Agency Network
This method requires hosting the intranet on your internal Windows Server 2003 (or greater) running Windows SharePoint Services.  You and your IT resources are responsible for installing, configuring and troubleshooting any SharePoint or other server-specific issues.

One way to check that you are running SharePoint Services on your network is to open Internet Explorer and type http://companyweb
  • If a page appears, SharePoint is installed
  • If a page does not appear, it means that either SharePoint is not installed or the default website” is not set to companyweb

Once you have SharePoint Services running, we can install AgencyCentral as a subweb

Hosted on the Internet
The agency will be responsible for acquiring their own online SharePoint site. We can recommend a good hosting company... just give us a call.

The one-time price of $3,000 includes the license fee and up to three (3) hours of training and support as well as access to our live ACSP HelpDesk.  Current AgencyCentral customers are eligible for significant discounts.

Note:  This price does not include updates or additions to the AgencyCentral SP product.  All additional customization and training that we provide will be billed at our standard hourly rate.

Contact Paul Reynolds today at 978-499-1897 for an online demo.