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What is an Intranet?

An intranet is similar to an Internet web site, except that it is located in your office and contains all of the internal information, such as documents, lists, commission tables and other data that your staff refers to in servicing your customers. Since it resides on your local network server, it is only accessible from the Internet to those individuals that you give permission to.

What kind of information do you store on an intranet? Virtually anything that is currently hanging on the cubicle walls or stuffed inside a binder can be stored in your intranet, giving everyone in the office access to the most up-to-date information. Currently, you are probably distributing this internal information e by printing, copying and handing it out to your staff.

The big question is what happens to those documents when they get to peoples' desks? Most of them organize the information at their desks, essentially making multiple versions of an intranet throughout your agency. With an intranet, you do not print or distribute paper you simply enter the information and store it. Instead of sending multiple copies out to people, you store one copy and they come and get it using their Internet browser. Everyone has immediate and continuous access to all of this information. The intranet can be stored and maintained in your office and we can provide training on all of the procedures necessary.

Alternatively, you can host your intranet on a server out on the Internet (with password-protection, of course) so that anyone with the correct password can access your information from anywhere. Monthly support contracts are available so that Intranet Concepts can even host and maintain your intranet for you!

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