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Frequently-Asked Questions

What is the difference between an intranet and the Internet?
Nowadays, most people are familiar with websites on the Internet. An intranet is simply an internal website takes advantage of the same basic technology. The pages are linked together and can be edited or expanded upon. The main difference between an Internet website and a corporate intranet is that the intranet is stored on your computer or network and people on the Internet do not have access to it unless you specifically set it up that way.
Do I need to purchase new computer equipment?
In most cases, the computers that you have in your office will be more than sufficient to run the intranet. You need a personal computer loaded with a web browser to make use of most of the features included in the AgencyCentral Intranet. Although a local area network is not a requirement ó the intranet will operate on standalone workstations ó we strongly recommend that you consider installing one. This will make the update process much simpler by only having to make changes to a single location.
Do I need a special server for my intranet?
No, most of our agencies simply store AgencyCentral on a shared network drive.  You may, however, choose to publish AgencyCentral to a Web server such as IIS  or even to a password-protected area of your website.  Click here for additional hosting information.
Do I need to buy a copy of AgencyCentral for each office?
No, our pricing structure is very simple... you pay one price for your agency, regardless of many offices or employees you have.
After I buy AgencyCentral, are there ongoing maintenance costs?
We offer an Agency Partnership, a monthly support program for as little as $110 per month, however, you are not required to sign up for it.  Once you purchase AgencyCentral, any further expeditures are completely optional.
What other software do I need?
We recommend that you purchase Microsoft FrontPage to update and maintain your intranet.  One copy is needed for each individual who will be responsible for adding content to AgencyCentral.  The rest of your staff will use Internet Explorer to view the intranet.
Do I need to pay for training?
If you purchase our AgencyCentral Custom Intranet product, you will receive 30 days of free support after you take delivery.  AgencyCentral Basic Intranet customers may also purchase support and training on a billable basis.  Or you can sign up as an Agency Partner and use your monthly support time for any training you need.
How can I get my employees to "buy into" this concept?
When your staff realizes how simple it is to find the answers they are looking for, their confidence level will increase and they will, undoubtedly, suggest other content to include in the intranet as well.
How difficult is it to maintain the intranet?
After installing the intranet, we suggest that you appoint someone as "webmaster" to maintain it. This individual (or team of individuals) should at least have basic PC and word processing knowledge, such as using Windows and Microsoft Word. Our support team will work with this person to assist them in learning how to update the existing pages as well as create new ones.  While some agencies opt to send their intranet "webmaster" for formal classes, we recommend that you hold off on that expense.  In most cases, anyone with a solid understanding of Microsoft Word will have little trouble learning how to use Microsoft FrontPage or Microsoft Expression Web.
What if we donít have a webmaster in our office?
Our Support Team can act as your webmaster.  For as little as $135 a month, we will host your intranet on our password-protected server.  You simply send us the documents and we will integrate them into your intranet.  Click here for more details.

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