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The AgencyCentral Custom Intranet

As our flagship product, the AgencyCentral Custom Intranet offers a simple-to-navigate solution for organizing all of your internal information. It is is a working model that can be put to use immediately and customized as your office's needs are determined.  Over 50 years of agency experience and insurance background went into the design of this innovative tool.  It offers your agency a solid foundation on which to build an extensive internal web site one that will continue to grow with your office. 

Custom Intranet


Sales Contract

Technical Support
Starting at $110
per month

This version is for you if:
  • You are ready to start organizing the internal information in your office and want to get started immediately
  • You have an employee who has a basic knowledge of PC technology
This product includes:
  • Home page with reserved location for your agency's logo and customizable folder tabs which lead to specific "home" pages for each department
  • The Daily News to allow you to communicate agency-wide announcements
  • What's New bulletin boards for each department's news, announcements and reminders
  • On the Web takes you beyond the walls of your agency with links to relevant web sites
  • Contact directories of your employees, claims services and vendors
  • Carriers section to store all of your company-related information
  • Thought for the Day can be customized with your own random quotes or inspirational messages
  • Administrative forms, such as time sheet and vacation request, maintain consistency and save time
  • Comprehensive online help section
  • Tips Library, a growing collection of tips, tricks and techniques for many software titles and other office-related matters
You will receive:
  • Easy-to-install CD
  • User Manual
  • Up to 5 hours of professional customization
  • Discounted rate on additional customization
  • 30 days of free telephone/email support and training to get you started on the updating process.  Ongoing technical support is available for as little as $110 per month.