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The AgencyCentral Basic Intranet

Why reinvent the wheel?  Consider this:  it took us over eight months to research and build this product.  How much are you willing to pay your IT staff to do the same thing?  Most likely, it would be considerably more than $1,295.  If you're looking for a product that will simply give you a solid place to start, this is the version for you. 

It contains the same structure as our AgencyCentral Custom Intranet product, but is a low-cost alternative for your system administrator to install and begin customizing immediately.

Basic Intranet


Sales Contract

Technical Support
Starting at $110
per month

This version is for you if:
  • You are ready to implement an intranet and want to get started immediately

  • You have an employee or local resource who is skilled in HTML and web design

  • You have already started a basic intranet and can benefit by using our pre-designed structure to organize all of your pages

This product includes:
  • Over 300 pages and images in a complete intranet structure ready for you to customize with your agency's information

  • Comprehensive online help section

  • Tips Library, a growing collection of tips, tricks and techniques for many software titles and other office-related matters

You will receive:
  • Easy-to-install setup file available via download (or CD, upon request)

  • User Manual

  • Sign up for ongoing technical support for as little as $110 per month.

We've done all the time-consuming design and structure work for you!  You can simply load this product in less than 10 minutes and immediately begin customize it in any way to meet the specific needs of your agency.