In redesigning this online user manual, our main concern was to give the answers you need in a quick and organized manner.
  • Readers
    This section is designed for everyone in the agency who will be using the AgencyCentral Intranet to share and look up information. New users should review the Quick-Start Guide to become familiar with the overall structure as well as navigation tips.

  • Contributors
    This section is reserved for the intranet "webmaster", the individual who has been assigned to maintain the intranet. In some cases, there may be more than one webmaster in your agency. Check with your system administrator to determine who has been given this responsibility. Contributors are able to access all of the Reader features; they also have the ability to add and edit the intranet content.

  • Administrative
    This section contains information used by your system administrator to manage the intranet. Under no circumstances should Readers and Contributors attempt these procedures without prior permission from the system administrator or an agency principal.

If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please ask your webmaster or contact Intranet Concepts for assistance. This tool has been built with your agency in mind. Its success depends on the cooperation and input from everyone in the office.

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