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The pages that follow contain working copies of the AgencyCentral Intranet.  When you purchase an intranet from us, you will receive the software on a CD (or made available on-line via download) along with a Getting Started user manual to help you begin the customizing process.

To get the most benefit out of this demo, we recommend that you view it using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher and set your screen resolution to a minimum of 1024x768.

We hope that you enjoy your visit and immediately recognize the benefit in beginning your intranet with the structure we have provided here.

Please read this Terms of Use Statement carefully then click on the button below to proceed to the on-line demo.

You may not download, copy or redistribute this demo website in any form without the prior written consent of Intranet Concepts, Inc.  Because development of this product is on-going, the actual files that you receive in the product that you purchase may differ slightly from the pages reflected in this demo.  In all cases where changes are made, we will endeavor to make the purchased version better and more useful than what you view in this demo.  Use of this web site for any period of time constitutes your acceptance of this agreement and subjects you to its contents.

AgencyCentral Classic Intranets
Custom Intranet Basic Intranet
SharePoint Demo



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