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Customizing Your Intranet

The AgencyCentral Custom Intranet includes up to five hours of professional customization.  This overview is designed to answer your questions and help jump-start the customization process.  We encourage you to review the following documents and use them as handy tools for determining how best to use the customization time.  We are available to answer any questions you might have and discuss your ideas... just call Kim Floyde at 978-499-1897
or send an email to

We do not recommend that an agency principal work directly on the customization project because they are usually too busy with other duties. This process moves more quickly when a member of the agency staff or IT person is assigned as the "intranet webmaster".

  • Customization Checklist
    Please download this handy tool for determining how you want us to customize your intranet.

  • Intranet Customization FAQs
    Here is an ongoing list of the questions that are often asked during the customization process.

  • Available Tab Styles
    Here are your color and style choices for your intranet... just let us know which one you'd prefer.

  • Employee Directory Worksheet
    Use this handy Excel spreadsheet to organize your employee directory listing exactly the way that you want it.  Just email it to us when you're finished and we'll add it to your intranet during the customization process.

  • Which Editor is Best?   UPDATED 2/01/09
    There are now a few options available for keeping your intranet up-to-date... you can choose which one works best for you.

  • Intranet Installation Options
    Once the intranet is ready for installation, you have several options on how and where you will load AgencyCentral.  This brief summary should help you and your system administrator make an informed decision.

  • Custom Intranet User Manual
    This document will be included in the CD package that is shipped to you after customization.  We have put it here in case you want to take a sneak peek.

  • Intranet FAQs
    Frequently-asked questions that come up after the intranet has been installed

  • How Things Work
    Step-by-step time line of the customization process