Document libraries are found throughout AgencyCentral as a vehicle for storing procedures, workflows, forms and other related documents and files in an organized fashion.  Virtually any type of file can be added to a document library, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, scanned images, digital images, etc.

WARNING:  Keep in mind that when you add files to a document library, anyone trying to open them will need to have the correct software installed on their computer in order to properly view the file.  The table shown at the right lists some of the more commonly-used file types along with the default program needed to view them.

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Common File Extensions
.bmp Graphic file
.dat Data file
.doc Microsoft Word document
.gif Internet graphic file
.htm Internet document, opens in your default web browser such as Internet Explorer)
.jpg Internet graphic file
.pdf Adobe Acrobat file
.ppt Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
.pub Microsoft Publisher file
.txt Text file
.wpd Word Perfect document
.xls Microsoft Excel spreadsheet