Working with Views
Views make it quick and easy to see information in a variety of ways. You can use views in a list and you can also use them in libraries, surveys, and discussion boards.

When you create a view, a hyperlink to the view is added to the Views bar on the page that displays the list.  In this example, the Commercial Lines view is clearly identified as the active view.
You can create custom views to do one or more of the following:
  • Filter
  • Sort
  • Group information
  • Select which columns to display
  • Display subtotals of columns
  • Show lists with date information as calendars or tables
For example, instead of applying the same filter every time you go to a particular list, you can create a view that includes the filter. Then, to see the filtered information, you can click the hyperlink to the view you created. You can even make your new view the default shared view, so that when your staff goes to the page that displays a list, they automatically see the filtered information.

You can customize how each list is displayed. In AgencyCentral, a special "home" view has been set up for each Department Home page.  It provides a minimalistic view of the information, configured to fit into the structure of the home page.  You can edit this view to suit your agency's needs or set up other views that are accessible from the Full View screen.
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