The Agency Calendar section appears on your AgencyCentral home page.

View details and other options

  1. Click on the title of the news item and it will be displayed in a detail window
  2. From this window, you can
Add a new item
  1. Click on the Add new event link to display the New Item window
  2. In the Title field, type a heading for the event.   This will appear as a hyperlink in the Agency Calendar listing on the AgencyCentral home page.  This field is required.
  3. In the Begin field, type a date or click the calendar icon to select a date.  Select a time in the hour and minutes fields.
    This field is required.

  4. If the event lasts longer than a day, select a date for the End field.
  5. Type text in the Description and Location fields, if applicable.
  6. If the event is a recurring event, specify how often it occurs in the Recurrence section.
  7. If you would like to create a Meeting Workspace site for this meeting, select Workspace.

    TIP:  Creating a Meeting Workspace site gives you a new subsite under the current site with a specialized set of lists for managing your meeting.  For more information, see About Meeting Workspace Sites on
  8. Click on the Attach File button to attach a file to your item.  This is especially useful for meeting agendas, registration forms and confirmation notices that pertain to the event.
  9. Click on the Save and Close button to complete the entry.