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About Intranet Concepts...

The notion of using Internet technology to organize internal office data became a reality when Paul Reynolds and Kim Floyde launched Intranet Concepts in June 1999.

After visiting hundreds of offices as a consultant and seeing the clutter that is so pervasive in most knowledge-based businesses, Paul realized that consolidating this paper into an easy-to-navigate web would not only free employees from hunting for information, but enable the business to keep the information up-to-date with little effort.

While employed by Synergistic Systems, Kim designed and maintained an intranet for use by their support team, which was comprised entirely of remote workers. Web technology made it simple for each "virtual worker" to stay on track by sharing essential data over this "information center". The more that they discussed their ideas with business owners and employees alike, the more viable the concept became and the first AgencyCentral Custom Intranet product was rolled out in October at the annual NorthEast Insurance Technology Users conference.

Collectively, Paul and Kim bring to Intranet Concepts over 40 years of experience in insurance automation and technology.